European City Destinations – Top 5 Affordable European Cities

Join me on my quest to find the most beautiful and affordable European city destinations. I feel so lucky to live in the UK because we can easily access some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Europe is full of rich culture and architecture. With cheap airlines such as easyJet, it is now more affordable to take a break to European city destinations. Many travellers to the UK embrace this and frequent European cities such as Prague, Paris and Rome.

For this article, I wanted to focus on five of my favourite European city destinations – Riga, Dubrovnik, Florence, Amsterdam and Lisbon. All of these cities can be reached from the UK by plane in less than 3 hours. The cities that I have chosen are not as bustling and busy as the larger capitals such as Paris or Rome. However, I really like the more untouched European capitals. The European city destinations that I have chosen here also work out slightly easier on the budget!

Top European City Destinations – #1 Riga

I tend to view Riga as a more untouched city compared to Prague, but with a similar feel.  It is the capital of Latvia and one of the largest Baltic cities. Riga is famous for its ‘Jugendstil’ (German Art Nouveau) architecture and fantastic nightlife.  The town square displays famous buildings including the house of Blackheads. Riga is one of the most beautiful and exciting European city destinations.


Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Photography by Lena Ni on Flickr

Top European City Destinations –  #2 Dubrovnik

On the coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik is becoming one of the increasingly popular European city destinations. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. It’s not as cheap as you may expect, but it is still much more affordable than London and Paris. The medieval walled

town is stunning. The combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture has survived an earthquake and armed conflict. If you enjoy trying local alcoholic beverages, make sure that you try the rakija. It is a kind of plum brandy – strong and sweet!

Top European City Destinations –  #3 Florence

Beautiful Florence is the Art capital of Europe. Walk across the Ponte Vecchio bridge and shop or eat until your heart’s content. If you are an art love, you can’t miss the Ufizzi gallery. Make sure you get there early to avoid the lengthy queues. If you enjoy scenery and gardens, you should check out the Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Gardens). One of the most famous landmarks in Florence is the Duomo (Cathedral). The Duomo is beautiful both inside and out.

Lisbon Photography by Chris Yunker on Flickr

Photography by Chris Yunker on Flickr

Top European City Destinations –  #4 Amsterdam

Amsterdam is popularly known for its legalisation of drugs and prostitution. Prepare yourself to be exposed to the sights and smells that come with this if you are heading into to town! But the red light district is not all that Amsterdam is famous for. Check out some of the amazing museums such as the Nemo science museum and the Van Gogh

Museum. If you are interested in history, visit Anne Frank’s house and find out about their life in hiding as Jews during the second world war.  The multi-story town houses are a beautiful characteristic of Amsterdam.

Top European City Destinations –  #5 Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It is rich with culture and things to do. For a stunning view of the city, climb the Cristo Rei (statue of Christ) or Caste of Sao Jorge. You will probably need a few days to explore the city itself. If you like sea life, Lisbon has a fantastic aquarium. Make sure that you head out to Belem to visit Jeronimos Monastery and the Tower of Belem. If you have more than a few days in Lisbon, it is worth taking a trip out to Sintra to admire the breath taking palaces.

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